We’re still waiting for the OnePlus 5. Over a month ago, we saw a leaked image showing off a seamless back and dual camera setup. A teaser than said “Hello” on Weibo followed by the design sketches that showed off the ceramic part. We’ve also seen the phone in some benchmark sites like AnTuTu and Geekbench so we know it’s really coming soon. The company already confirmed the Snapdragon 835 processor while four color variants were teased.

We’re curious as to how this OnePlus 5 will perform this year as the Chinese OEM teamed up with DxoMark for its newest flagship phone. We’re increasing our expectations because the company seems to be very confident about this model. The latest leak is said to be a mail that says the OnePlus 5 phone may be revealed in a couple of weeks. The mail seems official but obviously the posting is unofficial.

The internal mail is written in Chinese but it contains information on making arrangements for the release of the phone– said to be released on the 15th of June. We have no doubts about this because the OnePlus 3 was unveiled around the same time last year, June 14 to be exact.

Honestly, it’s really just a matter of waiting for the official launch and maybe some more teasers and leaks.

OnePlus also shared another teaser asking one question: Can you tell which photo was taken with the OnePlus 5?

We’re betting on the image on the right. How about you?