We’re almost certain about OnePlus skipping OnePlus 4 to launch the OnePlus 5. We’ve known this idea since last year but the teaser we saw yesterday on Weibo somehow proves the new flagship phone. Today, we’re sharing with you hand-drawn design sketches of what is believed to be the next Android phone.

The design looks slightly similar to the older models but this one sports dual cameras on both the front and back. We haven’t heard of any details about the OnePlus 5 until toady as the illustrations show off the main camera setup. OnePlus is believed to include a dual camera setup with 12MP sensors. There’s also what seems to be a dual LED flash. The camera system is expected to be one of the biggest changes the Chinese OEM will be offering once the phone is ready. However, the camera hump is still very obvious.

The ceramic part looks like a small window that surrounds the camera for signals to pass similar to the Google Pixel. The ceramic idea is also from the old OnePlus X phone. There’s also the physical slider as shown off in one image.

The second sketch offers the front view, bottom view, and the profile view so we have a pretty good idea about the OnePlus 5. The phone will also have a curved back design, USB-port, speaker, mic, and a 3.5mm headphone jack as illustrated.

VIA: Weibo