How is your OnePlus 5 usage? So far, so good? It’s been almost two weeks since the Chinese OEM officially announced the smartphone and it’s been receiving several conflicting reviews. The phone was launched with a Snapdragon 835 a familiar design. We quickly reported how it was allegedly cheating in benchmarks which the executives denied.

In the past two weeks, we’ve seen a number of speed tests and durability tests already. The phone also got teardown treatments from MyFixGuide and JerryRigEverything by Zack Nelson. There were reports of stuttering but the company said it is normal and natural in the device. It seems the device is still a hot topic as it gets rooted and gets TWRP. It’s winning in a speed test going against the Samsung Galaxy S8 and HTC U11 and the Galaxy S8 again in a charging speed test.

We have a feeling we’ll hear more reports and complaints but we’re still crossing our fingers they won’t be major. The next issue we just heard can be considered minor because it can still be easily fixed with a software update. Some phone users are saying that the unit’s audio doesn’t ajust to the orientation of the phone when it should.

Usually, a device adjusts its mic and speaker depending on the orientation. This OnePlus 5 doesn’t switch audio channels. It doesn’t follow the orientation of the phone so sound may not come out impressive as intended. Watch the video below:

If you’re recording videos on your OnePlus 5, it is recommended that you shoot with the home button on your left side. This way, audio channels are in proper place.

This problem has been hounding OnePlus 3T owners as well but we didn’t hear about it until this week.

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SOURCE: Reddit