If you own the latest OnePlus 5, you’ve probably tested the phone and have some bias towards this new flagship. The Chinese OEM has received a number of complaints including cheating by overclocking. The phone is certainly a hot topic right now and we know it will continue to be one until some issues are addressed or resolved.

The latest issue is what others say is a scrolling effect. If you experience it, don’t do anything. OnePlus said it is not a problem so no software or firmware update will be rolled out anytime soon. It’s not a defect so don’t be surprised and don’t worry if you see a jelly-like or stuttering scrolling effect. That’s normal–annoying but normal and natural.

It is natural according to a company spokesperson. If you experience such, remember that others also get it. The “scrolling stuttering like jelly” is even thought to be like a simple animation. You can’t tell really but if you find it annoying, sorry, there’s nothing we can do about it yet. The scrolling effect appears to be there as part of the system.

The scrolling is neither a symptom of a defective device. Ignore if you may but you know you can’t avoid them until OnePlus officially removes it.

VIA: XDA Developers