As we would always say, it’s never too early to speculate about the Galaxy S8 due next year especially now that Samsung is having a difficult time with the Galaxy Note 7. No, the South Korean tech giant isn’t giving up yet but it’s busier these days after more reports of explosions are being heard. Samsung may need to work harder this time or if a second recall happens.

Only a few days after T-Mobile resumed sales in the United States and South Korea, the mobile carriers have temporarily stopped replacements. We’re not going to focus on this big problem for now but on the next premium flagship S phone–the Galaxy S8.

So far, we said the Galaxy S8 might be dual-boot as hinted by a patent application or might use ARM Mali G71 and Exynos 8895 processor. Its model number is reportedly skipping number 4 due to “tetraphobia”. We also heard about the idea that it will be carrying VR capabilities and a 4K display.

Information aren’t enough but we learned that big hardware changes will happen. The next Galaxy S8 is believed to feature a new design and functions that previous and current Galaxy devices don’t have yet. Some changes, although not yet confirmed, include the home button being removed. It will be found in either inside the display or behind the tempered glass.

Rumor has it that Samsung is also considering to remove the bottom and top edges and possibly a more “full screen” effect. Of course, we’re expecting clearer and more vivid display. There could also be some 3D effect.

We also heard some information about the Galaxy S8 getting dual cameras and upgraded nan Application Processor (AP). Another rumor has it that the Galaxy S8 will be released earlier. This makes sense since the Note 7 is obviously not doing well. Honestly, we’re not sure if and when it will ever sell or recover. We’ll see.

VIA: etnews