TAG Heuer Luxury Smartwatch

TAG Heuer is almost ready to announce its upcoming smartwatch. The luxury watch brand has shared a teaser of a new watch that will be announced on November 9. We all know that it’s the $1,800 ‘Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01‘. It’s the first from TAG Heuer and hopefully not that last because CEO Jean-Claude Biver believes that even with a hefty price tag, they clearly have an edge over the more expensive and luxury versions of the Apple Watch.

The image doesn’t say much but the watch might look like any other chrono watch by TAG Heuer. There’s a large crown on the right and with the numbers on the bezel which we’re assuming can be turned. We don’t have details on the specs either but we know smartwatch will be powered by an Intel chip, that it will be “smarter” version of the ‘TAG Heuer Carrera- Heuer 01’ and will run the latest version of Android Wear. It should be upgradeable too if we are to go by TAG Heuer’s focus in delivering a product that will last a lifetime.

TAG HEUER Connected to Eternity

TAG Heuer isn’t all about prestige and luxury. The company aims to guarantee technological inno­vation and deliver performance, as well as, impress us with the aesthetics of every watch. TAG Heuer descibes this smartwatch as the “next step in innovation”. The “Connected to Eternity” phrase gives us an idea that the luxury smartwatch is really meant to last forever.

Specs of the digital watch may be obsolete someday but this TAG Heuer will still last. It’s something you could still pass on to the next generation–simply because it’s TAG Heuer.

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