ARCORE Google Playground AR Stickers

Google has added AR Core support to new devices and we know the tech giant will continue to implement this feature. The technology has been out for over a year now and not many people know about it. ARCore is an augmented reality for Android devices. ARCore mobile apps were soon introduced as Google tries to integrate the feature into more apps. One of the early related features is Google’s AR stickers that were first made available for the Xiaomi Mi 5, OnePlus 3, and the Nexus 6P.

When Google pulled the plug on Project Tango, it pushed ARCore for augmented reality. The tech is slowly being implemented by a number of OEMs.

ARCore support is ready for different brands and devices, as well as, to Chrome OS. It has received a major update earlier this year.

We know Google will add AR Core support to new devices in the coming months but this time, it’s Google Playground AR Stickers’ turn. The AR Stickers are now being ported to all ARCore devices. Actually, they are now known as Google Playground as earlier announced together with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones.

Google Playground is more than just a name change. It comes with new features like the interaction of characters, stickers suggestions, and stickers with the front-facing cam.

Expect new sticker packs for the Pixel phones. For one, there’s the Marvel Studios Avengers sticker pack aside from the usual Person, Signs, Sports, Travel, Weather, The Last Jedi (Star Wars), and Stranger Things.

If you can’t get the sticker packs yet, don’t worry because XDA member Arnova8G2 was able to gather the Google Playground content and make them available even without root. They can be used on all ARCore supported phones.

Make sure you download ARCore by Google first so the root will work.

VIA: XDA Developers