While our smartphones and apps have continuously evolved into helping us become smarter and making life easier for us, we must not forget that it also helps us have more fun, especially during times like these when we need to have fun. Playground, formerly known as AR stickers, is one of those things that Google has given us, or at least Pixel 3 users, to make life more interesting. Now all Pixel users, from the original to Pixel 2, and of course the newest ones, can join in the AR emoji fun.

Playground is now available for all Pixel devices including the original, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL. They’re all now one happy #teampixel family, when it comes to adding these animated stickers and interactive Playmojis, which are characters that will react to you and to their fellow Playmojis. They’re also bringing new Playmoji and stickers so you can have even more things to play with.

You have the Travel Playmoji pack which lets you add planes, trains, automobiles, and other travel related goodies that you can add to your photos and videos. You also have the Weather Playmoji and Winter Playmoji packs that has all the seasonal activities and weather-related things to enjoy. December is not just Christmas so you also have Hannukah themed emojis and stickers to enjoy all year round.

You can also compete against or work together with your loved ones with an Annual Tree Decorating Challenge. You can decorate your tree with virtual goodies through the power of AR and then judge who has the best one. You also get some new Christmas Cheer stickers so that your holiday videos can be more festive. And of course, the tradition of sending postcards or greeting cards can still continue, but this time it’s a virtual one.

There is no news yet if Playground will eventually roll out to non-Pixel devices or if it’s still strictly for Google-made smartphones. But if you have a Pixel device, go ahead and enjoy all of these for us.

SOURCE: Google