This site doesn’t feature many cars because we have our friends at SlashGear doing that. What we’re more interested in are other electric vehicles, smart gadgets, and other automotive accessories. If not hardware, there are software and apps that can turn almost anything into a new innovation. For mobile consumers, there’s the Android platform that allows millions of apps to be used on almost any device. And for those into electric vehicles or are actually driving one, the challenge has always been finding a charging station.

Such is an electric vehicle (EV) charging station. Believe it or not, there are plenty of charging stations in the United States and the UK right now. It’s only a matter of knowing where they are.

Google wants to help your search by adding information on charging ports and charging stations. This information is available on Google Maps so you can travel without any problem in the future.

Real-time availability of charging ports is listed pinned on the Maps so you can juice up your car in no time. The “ev charging stations” keyword will bring the ports-ready information almost everywhere. Other companies like EVgo, Chargemaster, Chargepoint, and SemaConnect will be providing info and other important details from photos, reviews, questions, and ratings among others.

Google will not forget giving information on location, port types, and charging speed as they are very important. Note this isn’t the first time Google Maps is adding helpful details.

Just recently, Google Maps was crowdsourcing train conditions for commuters. You can report live traffic slowdowns, play Snakes, event creation for users, AR navigation to selected users, speed trap icons with vocal alerts, massage businesses, travel tools, and a new share menu. If you may remember, there are Lime bikes and scooters nearby and For You tab now available.