Google has been on a campaign to make its Maps app to be more than just a navigation app but also for discoverability of relevant businesses and places in their respective places. During its last visual refresh, one of the new features they introduced is the For You tab which recommends new places for users based on their preferences and previous places visited. Now it is expanding to Android users in 130 more countries and in related news, it is also now available for iOS devices.

The For You tab can be found at the bottom of the Google Maps app, right beside the Explore and Commute tabs. You can follow neighborhoods, places, or businesses and updates as to the latest promos and deals will show up there. You get the latest news about new restaurants opening in the neighborhoods you follow, a new menu item in your favorite restaurant, and also restaurants suggestions based on what you like and where you go to.

It was only previously available in selected countries and cities, but now it is expanding to more than 130 countries. Android users of Google Maps in these countries will now be able to see the For You tab at the bottom and they can also start following places to help Google figure out what kind of places to recommend for when you want to try something new.

The For You tab is useful for both your usual places and also when you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place and would like suggestions as to the best places to visit and the best restaurants to try first. Update your Google Maps app to see if it’s available in your country or place already.

SOURCE: Google


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