Google is really determined to make Maps more than just an app you use for when you get lost. They’ve been adding a lot of features for the last few months and it looks like public event creation is the next one on their list. The feature has been rolling out for selected users but might not be available yet in all regions. There also seems to be some lagging in between the creation and when it appears on Maps. But in any case, the feature is sure to roll out over the next few weeks.

Basically, this feature lets you create public events from within the Google Maps app itself. Local guides are most likely the first people that are getting access to it although as we previously said, the location might also have something to do with who can already start creating these things. You can name the event, add the location (of course it’s Maps), time, and categories. You can also put a description and link to a website for further information.

The option to add a public event can be seen in two places. One is in the main contribute tab of the Your Contributions section and the other is in a new Events tab alongside the Reviews, Photos, Edits, and Q&A. If you don’t see it yet there, then it means you’re not yet part of the lucky few that has the feature right now. There doesn’t seem to be any way to force update it so you’ll just have to wait.

And since it’s still in the early stage, it seems to not yet be perfectly working. Some found that after creating and sharing the event, you won’t be able to view it just yet on the Maps app even if it’s listed in your events tab already. Hopefully, Google will be able to fix it before its wider rollout.

VIA: Android Police


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