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As early as 2012, we learned that Google could be working on a wireless service and was rumored to be in partnership with Dish Network. However, the idea was soon debunked or was discontinued early on because according to a Google executive, regulations blocked the company from entering the phone service market. Google Fiber was launched the same year and still no sign of a wireless service until a year later when a similar rumor surfaced. And now, Google’s wireless service is finally expected to launch tomorrow, April 23, Thursday.

We heard before that Google had plans to build their own wireless network but only for Mountain View. We didn’t doubt that for one bit especially after some FCC filings for an “experimental radio service” were seen. Earlier this year, we once again speculated that a Google Cellular Service is already in the works. And true enough, the Internet giant finally confirmed at the MWC that it would come up with their own Mobile Virtual Network Operator. These MVNO plans have been heard before with Google believed to be considering Verizon MVNO in Fiber neighborhoods. And at last, the Google Carrier Project was leaked a week ago.

It’s almost certain and a new wireless service in the United States by Google is now highly anticipated. Google getting into telecom and the wireless industry could bring a fresh change. Maybe, just maybe, Google could bring more affordability and more value for money to the subscribers.

Right now, traditional wireless plan providers require payment for data or calls and SMS allocation that are oftentimes unused–wasted. There may several mobile plans being offered by different carriers but people prefer to pay just for their usage. There are a couple of mobile virtual network operators offering similar plans but Google still can cover more areas.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, this Google wireless service will run on T-Mobile and another network in contrast to what we heard before. The “Project Fi” details we heard last week gave us an idea that the company is partnering with the said carriers and will be available on a payment plan. As sighted in an unofficial Nexus 6 firmware image, we learned that the service will work only a Nexus 6 phone, at least, when the service is first announced.

This wireless service is believed to be able to switch between the two mobile networks depending on who has the strongest signal in an area. Plans also include Google using WiFi networks to route data and phone calls to reduce a person’s bill whenever it’s possible. Google’s Sundar Pichai also said last month that this project won’t alter the wireless industry and it will only be a small scale experiment. But with rumors of Google offering more affordable pricing, other companies could be pressured to look into their pricing schemes as an effect.

If all these are true, then Google’s entry into the wireless industry could really disrupt the status quo much like how Google Fiber is changing the broadband Internet industry. Comcast and AT&T are now trying to catch up with Google even if the Fiber service is being offered in only a number of cities across the country.

Wireless data made more accessible and affordable–this seems to be the motto of this upcoming Google wireless service. Could this Project Fi change the game?




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