Some interesting news has been floating around lately that the folks from Google are getting ready to prepare, build, and launch their own 4G LTE wireless network. Can we say Google Wireless and Nexus phones? Slow down. While something like that could be in the future, a new FCC filing (or two) shows Google’s just planning their own campus-wide network. For now at least.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is developing their own wireless network that will initially be designed to cover their entire Mountain View headquarters. The FCC filings from last week confirm the details, and it looks like they’re planning some sort of wireless network rollout. While we shouldn’t get too excited yet, this could be just the beginning of something bigger. We’ve already seen rumors of Google and DISH working together.

After a few people familiar with the matter dug around it appears the FCC filings are for an “experimental radio service.” For now that doesn’t tell us much, but the report states it will cover a 2-mile radius of their Campus and utilize the 2524 to 2625MHz frequencies. Currently no Android devices use those, which are operated by Clearwire, but obviously this could just be the start.

Many have reached out to Google with no answer in sight, but they’re always experimenting so we could just be getting our hopes up. WSJ reports this will initially be for the Google Fiber offices, but hopefully they’ll expand their “experimental radio service” to other parts of Mountain View once it gets stable and fast. Now obviously this could be nothing or simply Google looking to give free fast connections to their staff, but we have a feeling it’s something bigger. Hopefully Google’s testing a small-scale network before dipping their feet into the full-scale network waters. I’d love 2014 to bring on Google Wireless, and I’m still hopeful that they’ll just buy T-Mobile USA.


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