Google and Dish Network are in talks to bring a new wireless service that would be aimed at rivaling the big carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. According to a report for the Wall Street Journal, the talks are not incredibly advanced, and they very well could amount to nothing. As of this point, Google is one of the many companies that Dish has spoken with, and they are in what WSJ’s source calls an “exploratory stage.” Google declined to comment on the talks.

Dish has said repeatedly that it wants a partner to build a wireless network over the spectrum it has acquired in 2008. More competitors in the mobile space can only be a good thing, so hopefully this works out one way or another. Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen declined to comment on Google specifically, but he said they have spoken with companies “who would like to be in the industry.” Clearly, Google would seem to fit.

Dish also says that it makes sense for them to partner with a company with wireless towers and related infrastructure for transmitting data. Dish would also like a company with other expertise in the business. With Google being the brains behind Android, as well as the owners of device maker Motorola, it seems as if Google would be a perfect for the kind of company to go into a venture like this with Dish Network.

Of course, Google is no stranger to delivering data services. Google is working hard to roll out its fiber-based home Internet network, and obviously, the devices Google creates are heavily reliant on cellular data. As we said before these talks could come to nothing, but, it could certainly be a huge shakeup the mobile industry should this deal come to fruition.

[via WSJ]



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