Google Nexus Cellular Service

Is Google finally venturing into the cellular network service industry? Well, we’ve heard of this rumor before and now we’ve got word again that Google is already preparing to sell mobile phone plans. This seems to be ambitious but the search giant selling cellular phone plans and mobile data plans could enter this arena. Google is a big tech company it can really do anything but managing its own cellular network–I don’t think so.

Google as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) may not really be surprising but a lot of work must be put into it. The rumor has been persistent actually but honestly, we’re still not convinced. I easily believe tech rumors but sorry, not this one.

Google has been successful with its Fiber campaign but cellular network service is another different game. A new rumor has come out that Google is working with T-Mobile and another carrier for this special service that company initially wants to introduce in Fiber cities.

Does Google want to become a cellular or Fiber network provider? We don’t really know for sure but Google renting a space on an existing carrier network could mean it’s only experimenting. If not an experiment, it could really be a new thing and a Google-powered cellular network has the potential to bring a lot of great things.

SOURCE: SlashGear


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