Everything is considered a rumor until the company makes an official announcement. In Google’s case, the search giant has already confirmed the MVNO network and Android Pay network last month. We’re no longer in the dark about the carrier project but we’re still clueless about it until some secrets were spilled out recently.

A special unknown app was recently sighted in an unofficial Nexus 6 firmware image. The app can be considered as a good source because it offers a wealth of information related to the MVNO including the official name, billing details, and service plans. The service is believed to be called as the “Project Fi” based on the source.

We’re still considering this issue as a rumor but it can be exciting to take a peek on what could be Google’s next big project. Since it was from a Nexus 6 firmware image, we’re somehow confident it’s a legitimate one coming from Google. The post from motofirmware.center has since been deleted though. It’s believed to be an internal build distributed to testers through an Over-The-Air update.

Inside the said firmware, there’s an app called Tycho.apk which was signed with a release key. This somehow proves that apk is authentic. This Tycho is said to be the Android phone interface to the new MVNO by Google. There’s also a reference to “nova”, something we learned in the past as the MVNO service. The “Project Fi” name is actually the title of the application which was even accompanied by a logo.project fi logo

It’s the first time we heard of “Project Fi” which could be a shortcut for Fiber or Wi-Fi. The name doesn’t sound too appealing but we don’t know if it’s final yet. With this leaked image and information, we learned that Google will definitely introduce something new and different. Fiber network? How fast will it be? So far, we know Google is planning to charge customers for what they use. Unused data allotment will be credited without overage fees. If you exceed that amount, there will be a flat rate for each additional GB.

Other possible features include multiple lines and shared data in a single account, and easy switching of phones with a single button press. There’s also information that Google is partnering with T-Mobile and another mobile carrier and will be available on a payment plan. Google Voice is also expected to be a part of this service.

VIA: Android Police


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