This week Google’s finally taken the wraps off of their uber-fast internet connection. Google Fiber has been launched officially in Kansas City, and has a few neat additions to the new ISP service. It’s available in three optional packages, one which includes Google’s Nexus 7 tablet free as the actual TV remote. The rest of us are patiently awaiting it to arrive in our city already.

They’ll be offering a $70 a month web plan, $120 gigabit internet and TV option and more. For full details on Google’s new ISP options you’ll want to head to our sister site SlashGear for full coverage. Google Fiber’s TV plan, which costs $120 a month plus a $300 installation fee has a neat remote control. Yup, just like mentioned above you’ll be getting their brand new (and practically sold out) Nexus 7 for free as the actual TV remote control. +1 for Google on that!

There’s also an option to pay the $300 installation fee and then enjoy free slower (but still decent) speeds for around 7 years with no monthly fees. Sounds good right? From Chromebooks, Google TV, to the Nexus 7 this is all coming together and being used with Google Fiber. All the details are available from but if you’re interested in that Nexus 7 TV option you’ll want to click here.

[via SlashGear]