Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

More details about the Galaxy Fold 2 are surfacing. We can’t stop them from showing up because its launch is happening soon. The phone is expected to be unveiled during the online-only Unpacked 2020 event together with the Galaxy Note 20 series. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is said to boast a larger screen than the 1st-gen but may not have S Pen stylus input. It will still use the Ultra-Thin Glass and will be waterproof with an official IP rating.

The Galaxy Fold 2 may also arrive with a Galaxy Fold Lite and both are said to feature 256GB storage as one variant. The phone is expected to have competitive pricing. With its release promised to be right on schedule, we’re looking forward to confirming that triple camera setup and lower pricing. We’re crossing our fingers it will be more affordable than its predecessor.

Samsung’s third foldable phone may also come with a 120Hz screen and S Pen support. Those big improvements over the 1st-gen model we’ve mentioned before may also include the Infinity-V display plus two batteries that total to a 4365mAh capacity.

The separate batteries will only be combined to reach 4365mAh (2275mAh main + 2,090mAh). That is lower than the 4380mAh batt (2135mAh + 2,245mAh) of the 1st-gen Galaxy Fold. This makes us wonder if the battery will be shorter especially since some of the features may be more advanced and power-hungry. But then again, the difference is only 15mAh.

The Galaxy Fold 2 may have a smaller battery capacity but we can expect the processor will be more efficient. It should be optimized for the new device especially since the new LTPO display is 15% to 20% more energy-efficient. A more power-efficient Galaxy Fold phone is possible. We’ll just have to wait and see for the official product launch.


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