Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been announced together with the new Galaxy S20 series, it’s time to focus our energy on the next foldable phone. The South Korean tech giant has decided to use the clamshell format so the Z Flip can’t be considered as the next-gen Galaxy Fold. We thought it was but everything changed when the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was teased. The device codenamed ‘Winner 2’ is in the works and is said to come with an under-display camera this July.

We once asked if foldable phones are worth it. The answers still vary even after several foldable phones from different OEMs have been introduced. Each one still seems to have issues that must be addressed before we can say the foldable phone market is ready.

Right now, foldable phones are expensive. They go for over $1,000. It can be disappointing because their specs are not all premium and they easily break. We all know what happened to the first-gen Galaxy Fold. The Motorola RAZR is also experiencing problems. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s screen has cracked although we’re not sure if that is an isolated case. The Huawei Mate X’s foldable display is not so sturdy as well.

Problems are normal especially for a new type of gadget. We hope these OEMs don’t stop working until the technologies are improved. As for the next Samsung Galaxy Fold, we just received information it will come with an Infinity V display. That means the phone will use either an under-display camera or a selfie cam under a punch hole.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may also come with an S-Pen while the camera setup will be similar to the Galaxy S20+. The phone will be made in ceramic and stainless steel like the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Color options may include Black, Pink, Gold, and Silver.


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