BlackBerry KeyOne

BlackBerry has introduced the new KeyOne which is the “Mercury” phone that we’ve been talking about. The company decided to use the QWERTY keypad again to show the mobile market that there is still place and demand for such. It’s actually something like a touchpad that doesn’t need hard pressing just to type a letter or word. Another interesting thing about this smartphone is the space bar. It’s not an ordinary key bar as this one has the fingerprint scanner embedded.

This new feature makes the BlackBerry KeyOne the first phone to have a biometric reader
-fingerprint scanner embedded on a phone key. The module was developed by Fingerprint Cards AB to ensure the changes are for advanced software technology for accurate and super fast authentication.

Fingerprints’ FPC1145 touch sensor is said to be ideal for smart buttons. It is flexible as it comes with 3D pixel-sensing technology. It’s okay to use if your finger is wet or dry as the tech can read almost any finger. Also making it efficient is the form that allows sensitivity and 360-degree rotation of the fingers.

We’re imagining more OEMs will take notice and start using the new FPC1145 touch sensor on their new smartphones, tablets, and maybe even smart home products. The fingerprint sensor technology business is high in demand right now since smartphones are getting fingerprint authentication as a standard feature.

SOURCE: Fingerprints