The BlackBerry KEY2 was recently introduced but the company isn’t giving up on the older models. In fact, it’s been busy working on updates to ensure all BlackBerry phone owners receive the best mobile experience. We told you how to use the new QWERTY phone soon after pre-orders were opened. Our first impression, the dual cameras and Speed Key button are really good. You know all you need to know about the QWERTY smartphone and now it’s time to check the original BlackBerry KeyOne.

The BlackBerry KEYOne was the company’s way of giving QWERTY one more try. It takes advantage of an embedded fingerprint sensor in a keyboard. We did review the phone and watched it undergo a durability test. Sales of the BlackBerry KEYOne went well while monthly updates were released as promised. One update delivered more keyboard options for KEYOne. We also remember the Keyboard Amplified Manual Camera feature among others.

We haven’t heard anything about Android Oreo on to the BlackBerry KEYOne but BlackBerry has just kicked off a new beta program with Android 8.0 Oreo. This means the new version is coming soon but only as a beta program. BlackBerry Beta Zone members are receiving related email and information where and how you can get into the program.

The BlackBerry Beta Team sent out a long letter addressed to those already part of the BlackBerry Beta Zone and those who own a BlackBerry KEYOne device. The beta program will soon move to Centercode (beta program experts) so we highly suggest you get the Oreo update.

In line with this, BlackBerry will transition the Hub+ Suite & Apps program to a new community this July. The program is actually invitation-only so wait for an official correspondence or simply visit the new community to complete your profile.

We’re glad beta Oreo is ready but the BlackBerry KEY2 already runs the cookie version. The Oreo OS should be one and the same but the brand decided on a beta for Oreo. It could be the OS isn’t fully ready yet or there are still issues that need major fixing. It’s not perfect and certainly, feedback and suggestions will help the BlackBerry developers.

Sign-up on BB Centercode

VIA: CrackBerry


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