Android Q back swipe gestures

Android Q is already being tested before global release. There is still no word on what Android dessert will be served but we have our guesses. Quiche? Quik? Quaker Oats? It doesn’t matter at this point. We’re only interested in the new features and advancements the Android team is offering. The Developer Preview versions are out and we have an idea how Q will “taste” differently from the Pie. For one, we know there will be Dual Sim Dual Standby support, updated ‘Install unknown apps’ behavior, Pixel Themes app for more customization, and the Digital Wellbeing integration.

Android Q beta also brings a dark theme to Google Drive. Expect Android Q squeeze remapping and updated navigation gestures, chat head bubbles for Android Q notifications, and the removal of background clipboard access.

Android Q may soon warn apps running on older Android versions as earlier mentioned. Android Q was made ready for mobile users and developers ahead of AOSP. It also now lets carriers easily SIM lock, save up to 50% of power consumption, and improved Dual SIM function.

Android Q may also do away with the back navigation button. The tech giant is also believed to be testing a new swipe back function from the Android Q side gesture feature.

The side gesture is only one of the numerous user-facing features we know. It joins the floating bubble notifications, new privacy controls, desktop mode, and the system-wide dark theme. When it comes to gesture controls, the swipe back gesture can be noted as demoed in the video below:

The swipe back gesture is said to be similar to what MIUI and EMUI have now. The two removed the back button and used a swipe gesture instead. Swiping from left/right to go back is now the standard. The Android devs could be experimenting on this one but there is no confirmation yet. It could be just that–an experiment.

The only proof provided by XDA is this:

The update may be readily available but feel free to get it working by entering an ADB command as detailed HERE.