We’re here with this week’s wrap-up to bring a those of you that may have missed a few days back up to speed! Monday, some analytics displayed that an overwhelming amount of US Android users prefer Samsung over any other carrier. It isn’t too hard to believe that Samsung is currently the most preferred smartphone brand, as their Galaxy S II line has dominated since it launched. Early on that same day, we saw that Asian cellphone carrier KDDI had incorporated pushed ads into Android’s notification bar. I’m sure you will all agree, this clearly crosses the line.

Gameloft and Verizon wireless partnered this week to help bring in-game chat to Android over 4G LTE . It should prove to be very successful, and the first game to offer it will be the popular title Asphalt 6. It’s kind of odd to see them implement voice chat in an auto game when it may have helped even more in a FPS like Modern Combat 3. Either way, if it’s successful we should see it implemented there too. Later that night, were any of you able to catch President Obama in a Google+ hangout after his State of the Union interview?

A few HTC Primo specs recently leaked, and they bring Android 4.0 and Beats Audio to the table for a relatively cheap price. It’s not the powerhouse we’ve been used to seeing, but for a midrange device it should do well. Another Siri clone was released this week called Evi, and has more potential than many others we have seen. If you plan on trying it out, there’s a good chance you won’t be disappointed.

It’s amazing what individuals have been able to use the Kinect for when paired with other devices. Using a Galaxy Nexus, Kinect, and projector – Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) was scaled to a wall, and even operable straight from the surface. This is simply awesome. Tuesday, Michael Crider had some hands-on time with the LG Spectrum. It looks to be LG’s best device yet, and the screen produces a great picture.

Wednesday, Google updated their privacy policies and terms of service. You’ve undoubtedly seen the update cue from any one of Google’s websites; what they actually did is condense the long pages of lawyer-talk from over 60 services, and created a universal ‘easy-to-read’ revision. I’m certainly not opposed to it, and it looks great.

Finally, we just got in a DROID RAZR Maxx unit to review – but until then check out our hands-on. It runs the exact same software as the current DROID RAZR, so you won’t see much of a difference. However, the real beauty of this device lies within the huge 3500mAh battery, and you can be sure we’ll be putting it to the test.