Who wants to see President Obama live on a Google+ hangout? If you do then next week you are in luck because Obama will be doing exactly that. After trying to be more “social” the White House made a Google+ account last week. I was confused when I saw it but now it appears that the White House will be holding a post State of the Union interview with the President live with a Google+ Hangout.

Set to take place on Monday, January 30, the President will answer questions submitted via the government’s YouTube channel and apparently a lucky few will get to partake in the fun. I’m hoping Google has provided the man himself with a Galaxy Nexus for the day — but that is doubtful. Apparently 9 lucky people who upload questions to the YouTube channel linked to above will get their questions answered live right over the Google+ Hangout. Neat huh?

If you thought your parents were cool for knowing how to text back in the day, check out what Obama can do. We are also hearing that those questions picked to be answered might even get some face and airtime with Mr. Obama so start submitting those questions. With Google+ passing the 90 million user mark and growing by the day things are looking pretty good for the new social network site.


[via SlashGear]