Verizon made a bold move this week, taking shots at the Android platform. They have a few valid points, and a few points that did not make sense. It is really not fair to compare a service provider with a range of phones, plans and operating systems, to a single phone that is the first in production. In Australia a young consumer electronics maker has told reporters that he will be launching his own Android-powered handset.

Hop-on told a little bit about their theory as to why Sprint’s CEO Dan Hasse is dismissing Android early on even though Sprint is one of the founders of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Hop-on also spilled the beans a little bit in regards to their upcoming Android-powered handsets. Hop-on will be releasing two different versions of their Android next year. A few people found a way to share your G1’s Internet connection with your laptop using Telnet, it is not quite a tethering app, but it will do the job for now.

We have read rumors that Taiwan may finally be getting the first Android-powered handset in the first half of 2009. Members of the XDA developers forum have found a way to gain root access in Android, this is not technically a jailbreak, but it does open the door for many opportunities. With root access Jay Freeman, the man responsible for Cydia on iPhone, has managed to port Debian on Android. It seems Google is going to go the same route that Apple has gone in the past in regards to preventing the jailbreaking of phones. Shortly after receiving word that this was possible, Google started working on a patch that will prevent any root access. This update, RC30, should be making its way to users sometime this week.  It looks like developers are going to have to work a little harder to make advancements, with Google taking every step they can to prevent root access.

Development of Android for the OpenMoko open source handset has been confirmed both by representatives and photos. There is also word that there will be a free Beta port to all existing FreeRunner customers. SMobile has started advertising an antivirus software program for Android. Now users will have the extra security they need. Steve Ballmer took the opportunity to say a few things about Android the other day, he spoke about how Android is not profitable, almost as if he felt threatened. AT&T Mobility on the other hand spoke about Android in a positive way. They are waiting for Google to open up to more non-Google applications before they release and Android-powered handset.

The ever-popular Orb web application is soon going to be coming to Android in application form. Orb allows you to stream content or view files on your computer from anywhere that has an Internet connection. As far as other applications go, Meebo came to steal the spotlight. This extremely simple, lightweight instant messaging application will replace the native IM client for many users. Chinese network company, Huawei, has spoken about releasing an Android-powered handset in early 2009. Most Android phones that are to come will only be announced at this time, giving Huawei a head start.