Since the first day we heard about Google’s Android platform we have been waiting for the open source phone that allows us to customize it just as we like. It seems now that the first Android-powered handset has been released we have all been a bit disappointed. We have quickly been able to make progress with gaining root access on the T-Mobile G1.

It seems just as quickly as we got root access, Google has come up with a way to prevent it. Jay Freeman (saurik), the man responsible for Cydia and many other amazing developments on the iPhone, has successfully gotten Debian running on the G1. Debian is a free open source OS that is usually used on a computer. Debian on the G1 will allow you to do a lot more than Android is allowing so far. The best part is that it will not at all affect your phones functionality.

With this breakthrough it opens the door to so many opportunities, such as putting a video recording application on the G1. There are instructions for those of you who are brave enough to give it a try, you can find instructions on Jay Freeman’s site.

[Via Saurik]