AT&T Mobility CEO, Ralph de La Vega, had the time to speak with the Web 2.0 Summit today about the iPhone 3G broadband limits. The talks mostly consisted of U-Verse and data limits that followed, but for some reason he slipped a bit of Android information in among all of the iPhone talk.

It looks like AT&T’s position has not changed, an AT&T representative has stated, “We continue to evaluate the android platform, and if customers want it, we will offer it.” AT&T seems to likes the Android platform, but wishes to let it open up and evolve a little bit before taking on an Android-powered handset of their own. “De la Vega said AT&T continues to look at Google’s Android operating system but is not prepared to make any moves to carry any Android phones. He said the platform is still evolving and needs to open up even more to offer a wider array of non-Google applications.” Looks like AT&T is one of the few companies not using the opportunity to put Google’s Android OS. Who (other than myself) would like to see Android on AT&T next?

[Via SFGate]


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