It looks like members of the XDA Developers forum have just found a way to gain root access to root of the T-mobile G1. There apparently is a loop hole in the PTerminal application that grants access.

Right now you can download the PTerminal application from the Android Market. We are told you can use it to start a telnet connection with your G1 and computer. Many call this a jailbreak because it is the only known term for many. Gaining root access in the G1 opens the door for so many new hacks and even a task manager to end applications. No word yet on if the loophole will be patched up or not

  • Turn on your phone’s WiFi. This gives your phone an IP you can reach it at.
  • Get to a command prompt on your device by using the PTerminal application from the Android Market. (adb shell does not seem to work with these instructions, telnetd does not start up)
  • cd system
  • cd bin
  • telnetd
  • netstat (get your phones IP)
  • telnet into your phone’s IP from your PC
  • you now have roo

[Via XDA]


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