Hop-on has reason to believe that the reason Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse is dismissing Google’s Android Platform, despite being on of the founders of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), is not because it is not good enough for the Sprint name, but because Sprint will lose market share.

According to Hop-on, Sprint has invested billions of dollars into their own network that they don’t want to loose their customer base to an open platform. Sprint should be one of the first service providers offering an Android-powered handset because they helped create the OHA. Peter Michaels President and CEO of Hop-on stated, “This is their Mission Statement and although Sprint is one of the founding members it has not cooperated in bringing their vision to fruition.”

Michaels asks, “Why doesn’t Sprint find a way to embrace the Android platform and find another revenue stream from it? Sprint has made it difficult to bring CDMA technologies from smaller vendors onto their network. CDMA is the best technology in the world, hands down. Hop-on could have brought in a low-end $10 CDMA, minimum, subsidized phone for Sprint, but they didn’t allow it. Hop-on is embracing advancing technology, Sprint is not!”

Hop-on will be releasing two versions of the Android phone, one will be multimedia based ad have GPS tracking, the other will be a standard Android OS phone. Bother phones will utilize the technology developed by Motorola to place free calls from the modem located in your home. “We want to sell our phones to the Cable TV companies, such as Cox and Time-Warner, and even the Satellite TV guys!” said Michaels.

[Via Stockhouse]