This year Android saw huge product release numbers across the board. With millions and millions of smartphones sold worldwide, tablets starting to sell like crazy, and accessory makers finally truly embracing the platform. Here at Android Community we wanted to wrap up a quick post highlighting some of our top smartphone, tablet, and app reviews from 2012.

This year over the past 12 months we reviewed over 80 devices, and that doesn’t count the nearly 100 hands-on articles, pictures, and videos from events like CES, Mobile World Congress, CTIA, and individual product launch events like the Galaxy S III or RAZR HD. Regarding US devices, we reviewed nearly all smartphones released, tons of Android tablets, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and tons and tons of game and app reviews.


We’d like to express our extreme and over-pouring gratitude to the PR groups, manufacturers, developers, and every other person responsible for helping us work with the products and services we needed to show you, the readers. Being all about Android here, we don’t have a collection and breakdown of individual categories since it’s basically just smartphones, tablets, and apps. However if you want to know anything and everything about each and every Android device — not just phones and tablets — be sure to check out our in-depth and detailed device database by clicking here.

Now since we obviously can’t run through all of the reviews, we did want to take this moment to post the links to a few of the most important and most memorable devices for 2012. In no particular order we’re going to start off with the Nexus 7 Review, then the most successful device to date here’s our Galaxy S III (international) Review, and then the AT&T and T-Mobile GSIII Review. Then while we’re on Samsung the Galaxy Note II Review was hugely successful being a quad-core Jelly Bean powered 5.5-inch beast. Then we wanted to highlight the HTC One X Review, as it was the first quad-core Android smartphone. Follow that up with the LG Optimus G review, as it was Qualcomm’s first quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro smartphone in the US, don’t forget the LG Nexus 4 Review. We also wanted to highlight the Motorola RAZR HD Review, as well as the first of its kind HTC DROID DNA Review.


Also, since NVIDIA and their Tegra 3 platform was such a success with the Nexus 7, Transformer Prime, HTC One X, and countless other devices we wanted to highlight their specific reviews. We want to thank NVIDIA for working so closely with us, and invite you all to check out our NVIDIA Tegra Portal. Here you can find our Tegra Phone Reviews, Tegra Tablet Reviews, as well as tons of reviews and hands-on videos of games from the NVIDIA TegraZone.

We had the opportunity to review a few bluetooth speakers and loved the SuperTooth Disco 2. For those looking for more in-depth reviews from a little of everything be sure and check out our sister site SlashGear. With CES 2013 just around the corner many manufacturers will be releasing their latest and greatest smartphones and tablets early next year. Again, we want to thank everyone that works with us day in and day out to make this possible, and we look forward to another awesome year of Android goodness. In closing, be prepared for even more reviews in 2013. Also, what would you guys, the readers, like to see done different from Android Community reviews? We’d love to hear your thoughts.