Today we have the impressive HiddenRadio wireless speaker to show you all. You might recognize the name of the HiddenRadio from their Kickstarter campaign earlier this year that raised nearly a million dollars. Well it’s available now and shipping to consumers after a successful campaign so we’re taking a look.

At first glance you’re not quite sure what this is when you lay your eyes on it, then once you realize it’s a speaker you’ll be surprised. It’s extremely simple, elegant, and fashionable although I’m not sure where I’d set it in my living room. The minimalistic design might have you thinking this is an Apple product, but it’s not although works great with their devices. Today however we’re taking a look at it for Android using the awesome Bluetooth capabilities.

This isn’t just another wireless speaker either — well not really. It’s simple, elegant, lightweight, and outputs quality sound in a full 360 degrees. That means you won’t have to worry about directional sound, and it’s amazing for camping or a day at the pool or beach. Simply twist the top to reveal more of the speaker grill as it rises to let out more sound, which doubles for the volume nob and increases the output to extreme levels. It’s intuitive but isn’t quite realistic. Lets take a peek:

We said it was lightweight and it comes in only at 430g, or less than 1 lbs. You can fit this device in your backpack, pool bag, or purse with no trouble at 3.4 x 3.4 x 3.8-inches, and it comes in three colors – metallic silver, graphite black, and pure white. Now bluetooth is the most ideal situation, but it isn’t your only option. We also have FM radio.

As you saw in the picture and video above it also features FM radio. While the entire design is unintuitive with just a forward and back button on bottom, I’m sure an accompanying app is on the way at some point. They’ve included a nice FM antenna for better signal, as well as a USB cord for charging.

So the bottom line? This wireless and bluetooth speaker will run you $149.95, or $189.95 after September 30th in the silver and black editions, or the Pure White model will be $179. While the price is rather steep for lets be honest — just another wireless speaker — it sounds great. It’s the simple design, ease of use, and exceptional sound that makes these what they are. Cranking it to full volume got extremely loud enough for just about the entire pool to hear without any serious distortion. Being full 360 degrees the entire group could enjoy the tunes. It doesn’t quite feel like a $180 product, but comes pretty close to sounding like one. Check it out at HiddenRadio’s website.