Today we have our hands on the next generation of both wireless and wired sound from the folks at SuperTooth. This is their new and improved Disco 2 Bluetooth speaker we first saw at CES earlier this year. If you’re a fan of the original SuperTooth Disco you’ll surely want to check out this new version. It’s smaller, more portable, has a variety of colors, and sounds great. Lets take a look.

Now this device is going to be mostly used with Bluetooth for wireless playback and it supports a wide array of devices. Android smartphones and tablets, iOS devices, PCs and more will all work great with the Disco 2. Today we’ll obviously be testing it with a few Android devices, but you can always use the provided audio cable for a direct music experience.

Compared to the original Disco (see our sister sites review) the Disco 2 is smaller, more portable, and comes at a slightly lower price point. It’s only 7 inches tall and weighs barely over a pound. Full scale is 180x108x70mm in size. The Disco 2 offers 10 hours of built-in battery life, or about 3-4 if you’re blasting tunes at full volume. Connection is made via Bluetooth 4.0 support, as well as 3.5mm audio cables for non-Bluetooth devices.

The hardware is quite excellent. For being lightweight it sits very sturdy on tables or surfaces, doesn’t slide around, and has a durable well-made feel. The design is improved over the original with actual buttons instead of volume knobs. Everything is simple and intuitive so even a beginner can get started with ease thanks to the button layout. The Disco 2 offers 16 Watt RMS of power, which is less than the original (28) but they’ve also dropped the price down to just $99. For a quick peek at everything this has to offer enjoy our hands-on and audio sample below:

Who likes Sublime? You have the aptX protocol compatibility so you can keep the sound levels of your original audio files each time you hook up with the speaker. Sound quality remains powerful regardless of if you’re using the basic 3.5mm stereo analog audio input or a wireless Bluetooth connection. The video might not do it justice but the sound output was rather impressive. While we’ve obviously heard better from more expensive units, this being just $99 and extremely portable we were impressed. Sound is clear, crisp, and vibrant, and bass (while not extremely strong) was certainly enough to keep most happy. It can look pretty, but it needs to sound good too — which it does. We cranked it up on video a bit and the device will actually stop increasing before allowing for any severe levels of distortion. As you saw it will beep once you’ve reached that point.

Offering dual front-facing speakers and a “high efficiency bass reflex system” on the back you won’t be limited with audio levels unless you’re hard on hearing. This will be plenty for the kids game room, poolside, or while out camping — like I’ve done twice with mine.

As you can see above, SuperTooth is offering a wide array of color options to fit most users preference. It might not be the loudest or the prettiest around but you’ll get an all around awesome package here. Audio levels were certainly respectable for the price, as was the build quality, and you’ll be able to easily take this anywhere you go as long as you have a little room in that luggage bag. The only con would maybe be the lack of any docking area, but you’ll mostly be using this with a smartphone or tablet and won’t need to dock a device. We’d certainly recommend this in all areas over the more expensive HiddenRadio Bluetooth speaker. This high-output portable Bluetooth wireless speaker can be yours for just $99 from the SuperTooth online store. Check out other options from our timeline below.