This morning Samsung revealed the Galaxy Pocket, a rather small device sporting a 2.8″ display. This isn’t the first Samsung device with a smaller than average screen size; coming in at 3.2 inches was the Samsung Dart. It should be available in the UK later on this year. Imangi Studios has finally let us know an official date to expect the extremely popular free game Temple Run in the Android Market – rather Google Play.

Google has completely replaced the Google Android Market with the Google Play Store. They have also put up “Play of the Day” deals offering $0.49 applications. Google Play applications have now been updated in the Android Market, so check your updates now to have the latest. An update for the Google Play Store actually rolled out earlier today, but if you still don’t see it on your device, you can download it early here.

Verizon has recently revealed a list of devices that are slated to receive Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and it is bound to make more than a few people disappointed. Devices such as the Samsung DROID Charge, LG Revolution, DROID X, DROID X2, DROID 3, and many others are missing. It could be that they simply haven’t received conformation for these missing devices, it looks as if they could miss the boat altogether. Be sure to check out the entire list to see where your device stands.

And finally, check out what the imminent iPad 3 (aka iPad HD) unveiling tomorrow will mean for future Android tablets. We’ll show you what to should expect from the device, and how it should compare to current top of the line Android tablets.