Get those credit cards out because now that Google has officially renamed the Android Market to Google Play, things are about to get crazy. They’ve just launched what I can only describe as a HUGE sale on just about everything. With Play of the Day deals on music, movies, apps, and more. Offering 25 of their most popular apps for only 49 cents.

Oh man, so many good deals I don’t even know where to start. They’ve selected 25 apps that all are only $0.49 right now and include some of the biggest and best apps and games for Android like SwiftKey, Shadowgun, World of Goo, Need for Speed, Soundhound, Dead Space and more. Most of these are usually more than a dollar too. Sadly this is not all international so try your luck and hopefully everyone can enjoy these deals.

It looks like Google will also be taking a similar approach to Amazon and offering a deal everyday similar to the free song of the day with Google Music, only it will be called the Play of the Day and will feature an app for only $0.25 cents — yup just a quarter. Today’s $0.25 Play is Where’s My Water — one of the biggest apps for Android over the past few months.

Google’s also offering $0.25 songs, Double Play deals on albums and more. Seriously you need to head to Google Play right now by clicking here.