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Game of Thrones Ascent now on Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire

If you're a huge fan of Game of Thrones (either the books or the TV show or both) and you have a Kindle Fire, you must have been extremely frustrated when the new game Game of Thrones: Ascent was released a few weeks ago on the Google Play Store. But now, your wait and patience will be justly rewarded as the game is also now available on the Amazon Appstore. Finally, you will be able to explore Westeros and pledge your loyalty to one of the houses!

Grooveshark shuts down service, apologizes for “serious mistakes”

In a very honest open letter to the public, music streaming service Grooveshark officially announced that it was shutting down for good after almost ten years of providing access to popular music to the masses. But unlike most companies who just let everybody know they are closing by just not being there anymore, they admitted that their wrongdoing led to this moment and that they are paying (literally!) for that mistake by turning over everything to those they have wronged.

LG G4 highlights stand-out features in first TV commercials

LG is wasting no time in promoting their freshly released new flagship, the LG G4. They have released four TV commercials, with 15 and 30 second versions for each, putting the spotlight on three of the major selling points of the new smartphone: the leather backing, the Quantum IPS display, and the 16MP f/1.8 camera. They've also launched the tag for their marketing campaign for their new baby, which is "See the great, fell the great". Okay, it's not exactly groundbreaking, but sounds pleasant enough right?

Tekken and Galaga team up for a fun, new Android game

If you grew up on Galaga on the Nintendo Family Computer, you've probably sent countless afternoons (or evenings or mornings) just shooting your way through the game. Then you grew up a little and then got addicted to Tekken on your Sony Playstation, hitting and kicking your way to victory. Now, these two games have found their way to each other, bringing Galaga: Tekken Edition to your Android devices, giving you another reason for your battery to run out and your productivity to go down.

HTC One M9 now supports RAW photo files

The camera of HTC's new flagship, the One M9, may have received some early criticism (or praise, if you hated the one before) for changing it up from the highly-touted Ultrapixel to their current 20MP camera, but it's now bringing a software update that may please serious mobile photography enthusiasts. The smartphone becomes the first mobile device to offer support for RAW files, giving you even more freedom to tweak and edit photos to your heart's content.

Chromecast now available in Malaysia for your video streaming needs

Today is a good day to be living in Malaysia and one of the reasons why is that Google announced that their video streaming dongle Chromecast is now officially available in their country. This means that users will now be available to stream their favorite videos from their Android devices (and also devices from other platforms) ontolarger screens through this "magical" device that has been available in a number of regions for some time now. It's great news that it's finally expanding their Asian market, with Malaysia becoming the first Southeast Asian country to have Chromecast availability.

Fleksy free on Android (for a week), now with GIF keyboard

GIFs, together with emoticons, have officially taken over our digital communication process. Now we can talk to friends without typing a single letter and yet we still understand each other. Late last year Fleksy became the first virtual keyboard to have a GIF extension, allowing you to insert your favorite reactions and moving images so they become part of the conversation. Now, in their latest update, they have upgraded it into a GIF keyboard, along with various other new and improved features.

Lego Star Wars game collection now available for Android devices

The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, is still 7 months away, but expect a continuous bombardment of everything Star Wars over the next few months (and we don't really mind at all). Of course Lego is never far behind any pop culture phenomena, and this time, they're bringing together all the Star Wars video games in one collection, combining together the original LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game and the sequel LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy.

Guest Mode coming to Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge with Android 5.1 update

One of the newest things that the Android 5.0 Lollipop brought to devices on this platform is the guest mode feature, which essentially allows each Android smartphone or tablet to have multiple users on just one gadget. However, Samsung chose not to have this function on their devices, for some reason. But now, it looks like their newest flagships, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will be getting this feature once they have been upgraded to Android 5.1.1 which should be coming really soon.

Google+’s Pinterest-like Collections rolling out to Android

The "make-over" of Google+ continues as it is introducing a new feature in their social network called Collections. It is where users can create, well, collections, depending on their interest or the things that they want to bookmark, kind of what Pinterest is doing. After introducing the feature last week, Google seems to be rolling out the update to Android users this week, letting early adapters experiment with this new built-in feature.
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