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Create atoms but don’t destroy the universe in new Android game Atomas

The description "easy to learn, difficult to master" has been used and abused in describing mobile games (or just games in general), but sometimes that is really the best way to describe it. One such game is called Atomas, and yes, it is all about solving puzzles and creating elements, so if this is your kind of thing, read on. If chemistry isn't your jam, then maybe look away, unless you think playing this game might make you appreciate this subject at last.

Train wizards and sorcerers in Schools of Magic Android game

If you've been inspired by the Harry Potter books and movies to someday run your own Hogwarts (if that would ever be possible), then you need to start training as early as now. A new Android game allows you to practice building and managing your own school of wizardry and training wizards and sorcerers as well. Not only that, you will also go up against the most powerful schools of magic who have a tyrannical hold on your world. Get ready to be immersed in Schools of Magic.

Race your way to the finish line with Mini Racing Adventures

Racing games are always a good way to pass away the time on your mobile device (if you're into that sort of game, that is). One of the newest ones clamoring for your attention is a realtime multiplayer 3D endless side scrolling physics-based (whew) game called Mini Racing Adventures. You'll help a small but terrible (in a good way) driver called Martin to achieve his dream of becoming the best endurance racer of recent years.

Gekkopod trying to replace the “selfie stick” in your photo habit

Are you sick and tired of the ubiquitous "selfie stick" (previously known as the monopod) not because you are averse to taking selfies (to the contrary in fact) but due to the fact that it is unbendable, not too pliable, and comes with a few limitations as to the angles and views? A new Kickstarter project believes that it just might replace your stick in the mud monopod as the Gekkopod is more flexible and even comes with a bit more personality to boot.

Chromecast to add queuing, autoplay, multi-screen options

While Google's Chromecast has turned our TVs and mobile devices into interlocking home entertainment systems, there are still some features that have been on a lot of users' wishlist. Well some of them may have just come true as Google announced at the I/O conference new features for the casting device that developers can integrate into their apps and products. Users of the Chromecast as well as the Nexus Player and NVIDIA Shield and those who love binge watching shows and playing multiplayer games will benefit from these new features.

Become a hero as you crawl through dungeons in Dungeon Crawler

Just seeing the name of this new Android game is probably explanation enough as to what to expect when you download it and install it on your device. But if you are into this kind of games, then you'd still want to play Dungeon Crawler even if the name is a dead giveaway. The new puzzle-RPG game brings simple gameplay, old school graphics, and a chance to become a hero by saving a princess, as sexist and/or cliche as that may sound.

AppChat now moving on to beta phase with more new features

A few weeks ago, we told you about a new messaging app that allows you to create chat rooms for any of the apps you've downloaded, either to ask for advice, give advice, or basically just connect with anyone using the same app. While AppChat was still in the alpha phase, the developers received a lot of feedback and have given users 17 updates. But now, they're ready to move on to the next phase which is bringing the app to beta mode.

Amazon offers free same-day delivery for selected cities, products

It looks like the day when Amazon cannot claim anymore that they are the online retail store of choice is not too far away, with their competitors trying to hit them where it hurts the most: the promise of same day delivery. But of course we know they won't take it lying down, and their recent announcement may just be the first salvo to improve their delivery service. They are now making same day delivery free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Google announces Material Design Showcase and Awards at I/O 2015

It's almost a year now since Google first introduced their Material Design visual guidelines which they encouraged Android app developers to apply to their respective programs. At first it was just a hypothetical idea then it turned into a whole new ballgame for developers and for Google itself. Today at the I/O conference, they announced 18 great apps that showcased the best of their new visual ethos, and gave special awards to 6 of them, this year's equivalent of their Beautiful Design collection of the previous years.

Spotify now available as an app for Android Wear

When smartwatches and wearables came on the scene, listening to music on your mobile devices became even easier. Not that you'd listen to music directly from something on your wrist, mind you. But controlling the music without touching your smartphone saves you a few minutes and several movements as well. One of the most popular (yet controversial) music streaming services will be arriving soon to your wearables. Welcome Spotify to the (apparently 4,000-app strong) world of Android Wear.
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