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Samsung Epic 4G Reportedly Being Updated to Android 2.2 December 26th

With the holiday season in full swing, getting a bunch of presents (or even just one present) is something to look forward to. It looks like Samsung is ready to give owners of the Epic 4G, the Galaxy S variant that released earlier in the year for the Sprint Network. If a leaked screen shot is any indicator, then Sprint is getting ready to release the Android 2.2 update in an Over the Air update, beginning the day after Christmas.

HTC EVO Shift 4G Poses for Photo, Loses the Protective Case

So far, the HTC EVO Shift 4G has been seen only in canned images. While the device itself isn't official, from either Sprint or HTC, by now we're just counting down the days until either company does make the device in question, a smaller variation of the original HTC EVO 4G, the real deal. In this photo, we see that the device does indeed have a smaller form factor than its predecessor, along with a unmistakable chrome bezel.

Android Honeycomb Actually 2.4, Launching in February?

Despite the fact that up until now, it's been a widespread belief that the codenamed Honeycomb update to the Android platform would be a pretty significant one, if these new rumors pan out, that may not be true at all. In fact, the Honeycomb update is now being said to be just Android 2.4, and specifically, Google is looking to hold off that 3.0 update until they've got something huge ready to give out.

chumby Application for Android Available Now

chumby, which is a well known name in the cloud market, has officially launched an application for the Android platform. The application is available right now in the Android Market, but will only appear for those devices that are running Android 2.2 or later. And it's not a free app, with the cost set at $4.99.

Google Maps 5 Available Now in the Market [Updated with Video]

We had already seen it shown off at LeWeb 2010, and then again by Google, but all that did was make us want it more. Finally, Google has officially released the latest, and truthfully greatest, version of Google Maps for the Android platform. You can download it right now in the Market, as long as you have an Android powered handset that's running Android 2.0 or later. Just in time for that Nexus S launch, right?

fring Sees Staggering Revenue from fringOut

Two months ago, Fring decided to give something back to its users. While it is already used as one of the premiere applications for video calling on the Android platform, they decided to make it possible for users to make outbound calls at a dirt cheap price. Since they released fringOut two months ago, it looks like the company has made quite a big impact within the Android Market, and seen some great revenue from it.

Google TV Updated: Dual View Mode, Voice Search & Netflix Improvements [Video]

Updates to the Google TV platform aren't a new thing, but this is the first one that users can consider "major." The new update isn't just for bug fixes, or small improvements to the general search results of the set-top box. Instead, this update is meant for the Netflix users out there, as well as adding a few extra features for the Dual View mode.

Google Updates Voice Recognition for Android, Makes it Personal

Voice recognition is a bold place for companies to focus on. There's a lot that goes into making sure that your phone is able to actually figure out what you're saying, and make the results make sense for what you're trying to do. Hurdles to making sure this happens correctly, and every time, include a wide assortment of variables, including the fact that no one actually sounds the same as someone else. Especially when you look at accents, male or female, and plenty of other considerations. But Google is hoping to make it better, as they're focusing on the personal aspect of voice recognition with this latest update to the Android Voice Recognition platform.

Nexus S Reviewed by SlashGear

With the upcoming launch of Google's and Samsung's Nexus S device, it harbors the official launch of Android 2.3, or Gingerbread, along with the first device to fully suport Near Field Communication, or NFC. It may have not had as large of an announcement as the original Nexus device, but it certainly doesn't lack the features we'd expect from a device like this. We've already unboxed the handset, and featured a quick hands-on, but now it's time for the official review from SlashGear.

Android Ad Impressions Hit Plateau with Millennial Media Network

There are several different ways that analysts, and anyone else interested, can determine how well a platform is doing. While one way, perhaps the most preferred way, is to just look at the amount of devices being sold, or that have been sold over a period of time, another way is to look at the ad impressions generated by a particular platform. In a new report from the Millennial Media Network, it looks like Android may have hit a lull in ad impressions. This could be indicative that the mobile Operating System has plateaued.
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