Two months ago, Fring decided to give something back to its users. While it is already used as one of the premiere applications for video calling on the Android platform, they decided to make it possible for users to make outbound calls at a dirt cheap price. Since they released fringOut two months ago, it looks like the company has made quite a big impact within the Android Market, and seen some great revenue from it.

They’ve let us know that, with fringOut and their 1 cent per minute calls to landlines and other mobile phones, they’ve seen a reported $10,000 per day revenue. That’s a big step for an application. Especially in, much like any other digital marketplace, it’s mostly games, or other entertainment pieces, that see the most revenue brought in. We’ll have to see if fring has anything in store for their users, seeing as their last venture worked out so well for them.

[thanks, Fring!]