Updates to the Google TV platform aren’t a new thing, but this is the first one that users can consider “major.” The new update isn’t just for bug fixes, or small improvements to the general search results of the set-top box. Instead, this update is meant for the Netflix users out there, as well as adding a few extra features for the Dual View mode.

The improvements to Netflix include the ability for users to update their queue right from within the application available on Google TV. And up until now, that Dual View mode, which allowed you to watch a television program and have a smaller browser window open on the screen, wasn’t able to move around. Now users can move the smaller browser window wherever they want.

But, that’s not all: there’s a new movie landing page, which will let users now only search through Netflix, but also Amazon Video On Demand, as well as movies/shows running on TV, available on the Internet, or through YouTube. And now there’s shortcuts for actors on the landing page, too. The update should roll out automatically for Google TV users, but if you haven’t received it yet and want to see it in action, send a thank you to Scott Greczkowski who took some screenshots of the update, and even put a video of the update on the Internet, which you can watch below.

Also noteworthy: you can now download the remote control for Google TV right out of the Android Market, which will turn your Android powered handset (you guessed it) into a remote you can use to interact with GTV.

[via SlashGear]