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  • Official Galaxy Note 7 release date event invites revealed

    This August 2nd, Samsung will be revealing the Galaxy Note 7 officially. Samsung has confirmed the name of the device – Galaxy Note 7 – and would seem to be revealing this device on its own. At the moment, no other

    July 12, 2016 • Views: 2892

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge Review

    The first question you should be asking yourself – after you’ve decided on a Samsung Galaxy S6 – is whether or not you want to go with the Edge. Your choice will influence the rest of your life in the smartphone

    April 22, 2015 • Views: 20780

  • Google’s Project Ara hands-on: modular plug-and-play smartphone action

    The modular smartphone you’re about to take a peek at goes by the name Project Ara. It’s a modular smartphone concept, coming from Google ATAP and actually – eventually – coming to the market with its own

    January 14, 2015 • Views: 3440

  • Android Lollipop revealed with Nexus 6, 9, and Player

    This afternoon Google revealed that they’d be releasing Android L as Android 5.0 Lollipop. Along with this release comes three new devices, the Nexus 6 smartphone, the Nexus 9 tablet, and the Nexus Player. The Nexus Player is

    October 15, 2014 • Views: 1800

  • Huawei Ascend P7 Review

    It would appear that Huawei has brought a smartphone to market with real potential to take on the big-guns in China. With the Huawei Ascend P7, the company brings a device that’s not only able to take high-quality photos and

    May 26, 2014 • Views: 3813

  • Huawei Ascend P7 official: 0.25-in thick and massive megapixels

    The Huawei Ascend P7 comes to the public with a set of specifications that suggest it’s readiness to fight the best on the market. With a 5-inch in-cell display with 1920 x 1080 pixels across it – that’s 445PPI. With

    May 7, 2014 • Views: 1778

  • Flappy Bird missing? Developer to delete game

    “I can call ‘Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine.” says the original developer of the massively popular game, “But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it.” Speaking today about the

    February 8, 2014 • Views: 1489

  • Spotify adds Led Zeppelin to streaming ranks

    The one and only Led Zeppelin has been added to the extensive libraries of Spotify, allowing in a variety of albums over the next month. Starting today – December 11th, 2013, Led Zeppelin albums will begin to be ushered in

    December 11, 2013 • Views: 708

  • Moto G hands-on and first-impressions

    Today we’ve been introduced to Motorola’s national and international strategy for taking command of the growing mid-tier smartphone market with the smartphone called Moto G. This device is set to be priced at a cool

    November 13, 2013 • Views: 1928

  • Nexus 5 hands-on: photos, benchmarks, first impressions

    In the Nexus 5 you’ll find Google’s biggest effort yet in their unique “pure” take on Android, both physically and metaphorically. You’ve got LG-made hardware here with a display that’s the

    November 4, 2013 • Views: 1281