This August 2nd, Samsung will be revealing the Galaxy Note 7 officially. Samsung has confirmed the name of the device – Galaxy Note 7 – and would seem to be revealing this device on its own. At the moment, no other device is mentioned by Samsung in the official event release. This device will be the 6th Samsung Galaxy Note, but will hold the “7” to match up with the Samsung Galaxy S series which is also on the number 7.

To be clear, we do not yet know the in-store release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The event at which this release date will be shared will be on the 2nd of August.

Take note here that this event will be separate from IFA 2016. The Germany-based global electronics event will be taking place in September from the 2nd of the month to the 7th. This is the traditional reveal locale for the Galaxy Note series, but the device has become such a star on its own, Samsung has separated from the bunch.

Our most recent look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would appear to be in a prototype model shared earlier today. This version of the device has a curve on both sides of its display, not unlike the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

For more information on what the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be all about, have a peek at the timeline below. There you’ll learn all about the device via leaks, tips, and insider sources. For official information on this device, you’ll need to wait for the 2nd of August. We’ll be there!


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