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European HTC One update includes a camera enhancement suite and performance boosts

HTC confirms that an update for the European HTC One is rolling out at the moment that will bring the device a plethora of new features. The update, labeled version 1.29.401.13, is set to be released in waves, so if your device doesn't receive the update today, it should be receiving it within the next week or two. The update brings several enhancements to one of the major selling points of the HTC One, its Ultrapixel camera, and it also brings improvements to the device's performance and stability.

Facebook’s custom Android OS to be called “Facebook Home”

Facebook is gearing up to host an event on April 4th centered around the Android operating system. Facebook's own customized Android OS, which we've learned will be called "Facebook Home", will be the center of attention during the event. The customized OS will feature deep integration into Facebook's services. Its Messenger, Photos, and Contacts apps will be the default apps for the OS, with the Messenger app being used to both IM your friends on Facebook, as well as sending out SMS texts.

One misguided tweet takes on a life of its own

You never know what's going to happen in the land of Twitter. Adria Richards's story is a prime example of that. At the PyCon Technology Conference last week, Richards decided to publicly shame two developers who were bothering her with their sexual jokes. The developers were sitting behind her, and were talking to each other about "big dongles" and "forking someone's repo", and yes, while they were acting immaturely, Richards's actions took things a bit too far.

Google Search now shows up-to-date sports info

Google has just announced a new feature that should get all of you sports fans excited. Google search will now provide up to date information on all of your favorite sports, including up-to-date scores, statistics and more. Sports fans have been asking for this feature for quite a while, and Google has been listening. Sports stats are available for viewing through the PC, tablets, and smartphones.

Google Fiber brings 1Gbps internet to Olathe, Kansas

Looks like another city in Kansas is getting the blessing of Google Fiber internet. Google Fiber's Community Manager, Rachel Hack, made an announcement saying, "Another city in the Kansas City area is getting the chance to join the growing Silicon Prairie". She also says that she hopes that there will be many more announcements for future cities in the Kansas City area.

Google’s Eric Schmidt detours to India before visiting Myanmar

Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt decided to make a quick stop in India before making his appearance in Myanmar for a public event. In India, Schmidt's arrival excited many of the tech start-ups in the country. He made a stop in Bangalore, where he spent 4 hours talking to the employees at Google's offices there. His talks were also streamed to Google's employees in Hyderabad.

Amazon Kindle Fire not coming in $99 version

There have been rumors circulating the internet this morning about a potential $99 Amazon Kindle Fire. While that would have been an amazing feat for Amazon to pull off, unfortunately those rumors have been debunked. Amazon has even stated in the past that it does not generate any profit when it sells a Kindle Fire tablet, so it's highly unlikely that the company would be able to sell the tablet at half the price (yet).

Exynos 5 Octa not coming to UK Samsung GALAXY S 4

Here's some very disappointing news for those of you living in the UK. The UK version of the Samsung GALAXY S 4 will not be carrying Samsung's highly anticipated Exynos 5 Octa processor, but instead will be coming with a 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor. This news has been confirmed by Samsung, and there may be a possibility that several other markets will find their S 4's shipping with a Snapdragon 600 as well.
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