Google has just announced a new feature that should get all of you sports fans excited. Google search will now provide up to date information on all of your favorite sports, including up-to-date scores, statistics and more. Sports fans have been asking for this feature for quite a while, and Google has been listening. Sports stats are available for viewing through the PC, tablets, and smartphones.

If you’re looking for the latest scores on your favorite teams, Google search will display the information in the form of a card. It will provide the scores from all of the quarters, the total score, and scores from previous games. It will also display information on where the game took place, and which division your team is in. There is also a drop-down menu that shows the scores and schedules of your favorite team’s previous games.

Google now also displays an organized schedule of leagues and upcoming games. A simple search for “NBA” will show you which teams will be playing each other today, and what times their games will start. Google is also offering a March Madness bonus that shows you how well your NCAA team is currently doing in the league. The stats are shown in a tournament style layout.

This new sports-search function has yet to make its way to Google Now, but it shouldn’t be too long now before your device is able to retrieve up-to-date sports information without you having to perform a search. Google also already has the upcoming season of Major League Baseball prepped and ready to go. So if you’re not watching the game, be glad to know that Google will keep you up-to-speed.

[via Google]


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