Texting while driving: Nearly half of adult commuters now guilty

There is obviously some overlap of good and bad use when it comes to a smartphone in the car. We can look towards the good being when information is feed to you such as for navigation or music. On the flip side, the bad comes when you are feeding that information such as replying to a text message or email. I am sort of touchy on this topic so I will avoid any deep ranting, however despite regularly seeing people looking at a smartphone as opposed to the road -- I was still somewhat surprised by the numbers in this report.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 pre-orders now live in the UK

Samsung will be launching the GALAXY S 4 in the UK on April 26. Given we have that date set, it seems only natural that carriers would begin sharing details and begin accepting pre-orders for the handset. Basically, it looks like the GALAXY S 4 will be available with a wide variety of carriers in the UK and as such, that means there are likely some deals to be had. Not to mention, the option to purchase either on, or off-contract.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 FCC filings begin to surface

We know the Samsung GALAXY S 4 is going to be available with a wide variety of carriers in the US market. Given that, we also know that means we will be seeing a wide variety of FCC filings dealing with the GALAXY S 4. These will not give us anything new in terms of a possible release date, however they are a required step and if nothing else -- these filings just mean one less reason for a possible delay.

Sony rolls out Xperia TX Jelly Bean update

If you're the user of a Sony Xperia TX smartphone, a new update for the Android operating system on your device is now rolling out. Sony is rolling out an update for the smartphone bringing it to Android 4.1.2. That might be a bit disappointing to users hoping to see the 4.2 release, but at least you're getting Jelly Bean on the device.

InMobi App Publish app distribution platform launches

InMobi is a mobile advertising network that has been around for a while and the company has announced the launch of a new Android application distribution platform. The distribution platform is called App Publish and the distribution platform will supply apps to a number of different app stores around the world. The platform will offer free, paid, and premium applications.

Facebook Messenger users in the UK get VoIP calling

Android users of the Facebook Messenger app in the US have been able to make VoIP calls using the app for a while now. Word has surfaced indicating that Facebook is rolling out the ability to make VoIP calls using the app to other countries. According to reports, the update to the app is rolling out in the UK that brings VoIP calling to users across the pond for the first time.

Action Launcher reaches version 1.5

For a lot of Android users, there is no desire to customize or change their smartphone beyond the way it came right out of the box. However, for many users the ability to customize their device to suit their needs and preferences is one of the biggest reasons to purchase an Android smartphone or tablet. One of the first customizations that many people try is a new launcher for their device.

Pie Controls come to CyanogenMod 10 to give you more screen real estate

The folks from CyanogenMod took to their Google+ page earlier today to announce an awesome new feature that is now available on many CM10 nightly builds. It's called Pie Controls, and is popular with many Android ROM's, especially Paranoid Android. We first saw Pie Controls in the now replaced stock browser in Honeycomb, but starting today they'll be available in a completely different way.
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