Google Play Movies has recently been updated and amongst the new features is one that will be available only for tablet users. The tablet specific change brings info card badges. Basically, those watching with the Play Movies app will now be able to press pause and get details about the movie. The information will include goodies such as details about the actors, related films and even what song happens to be playing in the movie.

Those looking to take advantage of this will need to look for movies with the info cards badge. Google has said the info card support is currently available on “hundreds of movies” in the Google Play Store and that they will be “adding more every day.” We should also mention that this feature is currently available only for those in the US.

The info card support sounds like a good deal for those who consider themselves a trivia buff. Of course, it may also be nice for those times when you are binging on movies from one specific actor (or actress). Using the info cards should be able to point you in the direction of the other movies from your current obsession.

Anyway, these cards come along with the recent Play Movies & TV app update. The updated app is already available in Google Play and also brings the ability to search across your library and the Play Store for movies and television shows, the option to get notifications for new episodes of television shows that you have purchased the season and a refresh option (in the overflow menu) that will check for updates to the library.

[via Official Android Blog]