For all those Iron Man fans out there we have some excellent news and something awesome to show off today. The game developers from Gameloft have just released their initial teaser trailer and first look at the all new Iron Man 3 mobile game – and it looks awesome. Described as an endless runner style game with all the powers and weapons we love from Stark Industries.

Yesterday Gameloft teased everyone with a blank picture of the Iron Man eyes, stating they were “warming up the main core” but today they’ve taken the wraps off their brand new game. They’ve been busy releasing awesome games for Android and iOS at the same time as popular movies. Just like Spider-Man and The Dark Knight, Iron Man 3 will do the same thing.

Gameloft has confirmed that the all-new mobile game Iron Man 3 will be available starting April 25th. The teaser trailer revealed just moments ago shows plenty of in-game footage, and it looks extremely amusing to say the least. Being an endless runner like Temple Run you can collect plenty of coins, power-ups and boost. Then you’ll be blasting enemies with the array of Stark Industry weapons at your disposal. Bringing endless runners to an entirely different level. Check it!

Usually their videos state coming to Android and iOS soon, but this doesn’t give any indication. Gameloft’s been promising to release their mobile games on Android and iOS at the same time, instead of making Android wait weeks or months, and this looks be one of the first to fill that promise. Gameloft states it will be available on all platforms on April 25th. Who’s excited?

Obviously we’ll have to wait and see if that release date is hit for Android, as we’ve seen other popular games get delayed a few weeks for us Android-toting users. Either way I’m extremely excited to see this awesome game finally available for Android. Stay tuned as we’ll have more details and full video review when the time comes.

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