Up for review today is the new set of Revo headphones from Jabra. Specifically, we have been using a set of the Jabra Revo Wireless headphones that begun shipping earlier in the week. The Revo Wireless headphones come with the promise of a durable design, having been built for comfort and as being able to offer outstanding sound. As far as the comment about sound, that goes to the part about the headphones having Dolby Digital Plus. Otherwise, continue reading the review to see what we thought about the quality and comfort as well as the battery life.

Diving right in here and we can say this, we have been rocking these headphones for the better part of two average work days. That is to say, we are nearing 16 hours of music listening time. Granted, we haven’t been streaming audio through these for the full 16 hours, however we can say without hesitation that they live up to the claim of 12 hours that Jabra offers. In fact, it is pretty safe to say that we have more than 12 hours on these at the moment and they are still going strong. This is all based on a roughly 2 hour charge time. Not bad.


The other important issue when dealing with wireless headphones is connectivity. Or more to the point, the losing of the connectivity. These connect over Bluetooth 3.0 and seem to do really well. We were able to wander around our four bedroom 1500 square foot home and only had issues when going from one extreme to the other. Basically, these were able to keep streaming much better than we could have hoped for. The other issue based on the claims from Jabra is comfort. While this one is pretty open for varying opinions, we don’t have any complaints even with extended use. For those keeping track of weight, the Revo Wireless headphones weigh in at 8.47 ounces.


In our experience these headphones worked nicely for streaming music using Slacker, audio using DoggCatcher and Audible and even for the occasional phone call. Overall the sound quality was more than acceptable. Jabra has added a Turntable Touch Control on the side which allows you to control items such as play/pause and volume as well as being able to answer or reject a call, end a call and handle voice dialing. Simply put, these touch controls handle pretty much everything you will need.


The headphones are easily paired using NFC and Jabra includes a USB charging cable and 3.5mm headphone cable for those times when you may be out and about and happen to run low on battery life. There is also a battery light indicator to help keep track. But again, battery life seems to be pretty solid on these headphones. They also fold down and Jabra ships them with a carry bag for when you are out and about.

While we are really enjoying the Revo Wireless headphones as a whole, there is one issue that may be a deal breaker for some. The price of the headphones is $250. That is not to say they are not worth the price, but we realize that may be more than some are willing and/or able to spend. On that note though, Jabra has a similar set of Revo headphone available for $200. This pair is wired as opposed to being wireless. With that, the Jabra Revo Wireless (and wired) headphones are now available.