For a lot of Android users, there is no desire to customize or change their smartphone beyond the way it came right out of the box. However, for many users the ability to customize their device to suit their needs and preferences is one of the biggest reasons to purchase an Android smartphone or tablet. One of the first customizations that many people try is a new launcher for their device.

An interesting launcher for Android users has been updated called Action Launcher Pro. This particular launcher has a widget solution called Shutters. Using the launcher users can open different widgets by making a vertical swipe on the app icon. Action Launcher Pro was recently updated to version 1.5 bringing improvements to the application.

With version 1.5, Action Launcher now supports 10-inch tablets and promises increased stability. The app also supports devices with Android 4.0.3 or later operating system. However, it’s worth noting that only devices running Jelly Bean will be able to take advantage of the cool Shutters functionality.

This is due to some sort of API limitation. Action Launcher Pro version 1.5 is available to download right now for $3.99. Check out the video below to see the launch action.