LG hands-on with “world’s smallest wireless charger” and Optimus G Pro case

In addition to the smartphone announcements, LG has also made some smaller announcements. Of which, one is actually being touted as the "world's smallest." This one happens to be the LG WCP-300 Wireless Charger. Another item being shown off is the flip cover case for the Optimus G Pro handset. We recently spent a few minutes checking out each of these while on the show floor here at Mobile World Congress.

Archos G9 tablet lineup not getting Jelly Bean

Archos has come forward with a bit of disappointing news for owners of the G9 tablets. Basically, you will not be getting Jelly Bean. While we are certain that at least some of the current owners will be disappointed by this news, take some comfort in the fact that Archos did update from Honeycomb. Basically, the Archos G9 tablet line includes the 80 and the 101 and as it stands, you will be sticking with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Waze update adds real-time road closure re-routing and more

Waze for Android has been updated to version 3.6. And while that may sound like just another version number, this update brings some interesting new features. Also, for those thinking you have your navigation needs taken care of with the default Google apps, Waze has some features that still may be of interest to you, one of which is new and has arrived with this latest update.

Samsung announces Wallet app for Android

Coming out of Developer Day at Mobile World Congress, Samsung has unveiled Wallet. Despite the way the name may sound, the wallet app is not a payment system. Instead Wallet will be similar to what we have seen with Passbook from Apple. That is to say Samsung Wallet will be a ticket and coupon management app. One catch here, while Samsung has offered some official details, you are not going to find this in the Google Play Store just yet.

Adobe releases Photoshop Touch for Android smartphones

Adobe Photoshop Touch has been available for Android tablets for some time now, however as of today, that support has come available for smartphones as well. The smartphone support has arrived in the form of a new app called Photoshop Touch for Phone and can be found by way of the Google Play Store. The app will seem familiar for those who have been using the tablet version. One exception to that statement however is the price, Photoshop Touch for Phone is $4.99.

HTC: The ‘One’ will be our only flagship smartphone this year

Today news has surfaced that the HTC One (M7) will be the companies only flagship "One" series smartphone released this year. The first thing that came to our minds was: what about Verizon? We know the new flagship HTC One is arriving on almost all major US carriers in mid March, but now it looks like Verizon might be left completely out in the cold.

HTC Rhyme update coming soon to remove bloatware

For all ten of you that still have and own the HTC Rhyme, today we've learned that the folks from HTC and Verizon are prepping a little software update for the Plum Purple smartphone. Those hopeful for some new features, an actual OS update, or anything fancy sadly we have bad news. This appears to only be a small update to squash some bugs, as well as remove junk.
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