The update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the original Motorola DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX has been somewhat of a mystery. After the company did an excellent job updating their RAZR HD and RAZR M, the original RAZR owners have been stuck waiting. Today however we have good news that the official beta (soak test) for the update has started, and hopefully it will be rolling out to all users soon.

Back on Christmas weekend the update actually arrived for a few lucky individuals, but it apparently had a few issues and immediately was pulled. For whatever reason it was started early, but now is officially getting the soak test treatment from Motorola Mobility themselves.

Soak tests go out to individuals that are a part of the Motorola Feedback Network, and it has been done this way for over the past year. As expected, this is the final stage of testing for the much anticipated update. If all goes well with these limited run soak tests we could see Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean roll out to the original RAZR/MAXX within the next few weeks.

The email going out to the VIP test network doesn’t confirm which version of Jelly Bean, but most likely we’ll get 4.1.2 and not the latest 4.2 build. Motorola’s recent devices are all on Android 4.1.2 at the moment so that’s what to expect. If all goes well the update should arrive just on schedule with Motorola’s recent report of a Q1 update timeline. We’ll report back when we know more. Stay tuned you eager RAZR owners. – Thanks to all who sent us tips!

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  1. I know a lot goes into these rom rebuilds, but it seems crazy that it takes so long.

    I bet once moto released JB 4.1, they will not bother with 4.2 which I can’t imagine being to different

    I wish OEMS would remove their bloat and internal frameworks and if they want a new launcher, make a launcher, and not hook so deep into the system that the whole rom needs so much work for point releases.

  2. The update its not for all. In Europe only 3 countries get it. Many more in the rest of the world wont be updated. Moto Fail again and again as usual.

  3. I got the update on Christmas. The only glitch that I have had is when I plug the phone into a computer to charge, it glitches with the SD card and my ringtone changes from a song on my SD card to a generic ring. Then I have to change it back when I unplug it.

    • That is because when you connect it to your computer your SD card dismounts from your phone. Therefore, if you have a ringtone on your SD card, your phone can’t use it while it is plugged in to the computer

      • I understand that, but is there a way to make that not happen? One other thing is that I can no longer twist photos to change their orientation.

      • or you can change the way your device connects. Make it connect as a media device instead of USB mass storage. Although you won’t really be able to access your SD card when that is enabled

  4. I picked the wrong time to buy a phone I should have waited for the razr maxx hd because it took 6 months for ICS and almost a year for Jelly Bean because the HD versions got it first. ICS messed up my battery life for my original razr maxx! I bought an iPhone 5 with my income taxes and the battery out lasts my Razr Maxx.

  5. i updated my ics to jb 4.1.2 march 17,2013. the problem with the update is that when i turn on mobile internet there’s no icon on the notification bar which means its not connected but when i turn on wifi and mobile network the icon shows but theres no activity which would signify that it is using only the wifi.

  6. My wife got 4.1.2 yesterday on her razr HD. I havn’t gotten it yet on mine but i’m thinking that’s because mine is rooted.


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