ASUS unveiled the Fonepad tablet during Mobile World Congress and to put this simply, this is a 7-inch tablet with full-phone support. They are pushing the Fonepad as being for the person that wants the key features from a smartphone and tablet, but only want to carry one device. While one may have some guesses as to what each of those key features would be, ASUS clarifies things by saying the “voice communication features of a smartphone and the entertainment opportunities afforded by a tablet.”

Anyway, ASUS has recently offered up a promo video for the Fonepad and they are showing the tablet being used to answer a call. Not to mention, they also show the Fonepad being used to capture images. We know, many of you currently make fun of those who use a tablet to make a call or take a picture. Needless to say, this video seems to be saying that it is normal to take a call, or take a picture using the Fonepad.

Without getting into whether or not people will actually use the tablet in this way, lets discuss the video. And if we can say so, ASUS almost makes the 7-inch-form-factor-as-your-only-device argument rather compelling. They didn’t try and show how it will fit in your pocket, but they did cover aspects such as the HD IPS display, the voice and data connectivity, how the metallic design is “strong and durable” and how it has “almost 10 hours of battery life.”

Putting all that aside, let us ask the obvious — is anyone interested in having a 7-inch tablet as their only device. Speaking personally, I would like to say yes, however I also realize that (in my case) it would not work for the same reason I didn’t get the Galaxy Note II — it will not comfortably fit in my pocket. Aside from the video above, we managed to get a few minutes of hands-on time with the Fonepad at Mobile World Congress, you can check those images right here.

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